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Ammonite Softworks, LLC's Company Logo

Welcome to Ammonite Softworks, LLC!

A hub where craftsmanship harmonizes with cutting-edge software development, educational entertainment, and knowledge sharing. Rooted in the ethos of a local, dedicated, and dependable craftsman, we are committed to delivering bespoke software solutions tailored to your company's unique needs.

Cybersecurity, an Integrated Practice

At Ammonite Softworks, cybersecurity isn't an afterthought. It's an integral part of our software development process. We ensure a safe and secure cyber environment by proactively integrating robust measures from the project's inception, empowering your users to thrive without compromising data integrity or privacy.

Entertainment & Engagement

Moreover, at Ammonite Softworks, we're passionate about entertainment and engagement. Our separate YouTube channel, Legendary Quizzes, offers an array of entertaining quizzes and trivia across various categories such as geography, music theory, history, and puzzles, as well as fun "would you rather", "put a finger down" games. It provides an enjoyable experience, presenting engaging challenges and thought-provoking quizzes within these diverse categories. Stay tuned for our future app game that will complement and expand on the excitement and engagement offered by our Legendary Quizzes channel.

Knowledge Sharing and Education

Beyond safeguarding software, we're equally committed to knowledge sharing and empowerment. Our commitment extends to providing valuable software development insights through our blog and YouTube channel. Whether it's unraveling complex coding paradigms or sharing industry insights, our educational platforms serve as a beacon for those seeking to delve deeper into the world of software development.

Your Partner

Partner with us at Ammonite Softworks, where innovation, quality, and proactive cybersecurity converge to shape software solutions that endure and excel, while fostering a community of learning, entertainment, and engagement.


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